More and more each day, darker-toned sun worshipers are experiencing problems once suffered almost strictly by the light-haired. Spending too much time in the sun could cost you much, much more than just looking like a prune before your time.

So how do you enjoy the outdoors without frying? With a little thought and planning and a generous amount of sunscreen. And thanks to the variety of products readily available from cosmetic counters to drugstore shelves, everyone can stay out of the skil-let with the perfect block offering an SPF to suit their skin type (remember, the higher the number,the greater the protection).

Today, most products are non-greasy (so they won´t clog pores and cause break-outs), quick-drying(so they leave no residue), and water -resistant(so they stay on even after pool, sea, and sweat). They´re also fragante or fragance-free, depending on your preference, and PABA-free,although even those without it can have ingredients causing allergic reactions.

Sun care doesn´t come cheap. For those who don´t want to spend a lot on fancy items and just want to screen out those dangerous ultraviolent rays, the best bet would be any of the dozens of products.

It´s best to use an SPF of 15 or higher, but regardless, all screens should be applied 15 or 30 minutes before heading outside, then reapplied every two or three hours, or even more frequently if they are not waterproof.Keep in mind that the strongest rays are between 10 a.m.and 4 p.m., and you can burn even on hazy, overcast, or coludy days.Also,certain medications such as tetracycline can cause phototoxic reactions. And getting your tan under sun lamps , in the tanning parlors , or by taking tanning pills can be just dangerous as the real thing.Above all remember that after sun care is vital. And don´t forget to protect your lips.

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