October 2008

This is the first book review that I make on this site, and I as wanted to be really original I’ve been repeating the cycle of writing and deleting everything I wrote for over a month now, until I realized that my best option was to simply put In words the effect that reading this […]

He has 34 years. He became legally male 10 years ago, but kept the female sexual organs. For love, decided to give birth. A transsexual U.S. ten years ago became legally male gave birth to a girl, local media reported. Thomas Beatie, legally male but decided to keep their female sexual organs when it was […]

Canadian scientists claim that high levels of pollution could increase the risk of appendicitis in adults. The finding was presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology in Orlando (Florida, USA). “The release of some cases of appendicitis would be the exposure to air pollutants. It is the first time that describes […]

German scientists say that the disappearance of these two cultures are directly related to variations in weather. The winds caused major droughts that affected crops and famine. Paris – The decline of the Mayan civilization in Central America and the Tang dynasty, one of the most important in Chinese history, could be due to changes […]

The journal British Medical Journal warns that the excessive use of antibiotic-free selling is impacting on public health systems in the world, because patients become resistant to treatment. The self-medication and the stagnation in pharmaceutical research have led to a problem that is impacting the health systems of various countries because to the antibiotic resistance. […]

These are difficult times that usher in gifts from the kitchen that are thoughtful and personal.

A simple yet highly effective method of bringing your chakra’s back into balance is with a chakra meditation exercise.  Perform the following exercise lying down in a quiet place where you will have approximately 15minutes.  Start with your root chakra (located at the pubic area) and gently rotate your hand in a counterclockwise motion while […]

“Trust What’s True” with the launch of True Organics(tm) supplements by Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. The first line of USDA Certified Organic supplements. AMHERST, MA-OCTOBER 16, 2008-Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. (ETI), a leading developer and marketer of dietary supplements to health food stores and mass market retailers has announced the release of a new USDA Certified Organic supplements line-True Organics(tm). What […]

The dish of the day has beans, spinach, onions and corn. But the healthy and nutritious meal does not just come from the Green. It passed a month since those vegetables looked green in the freezer until it became a perfect dinner. This is not a rarity. The consumption of frozen vegetables increased by 16% […]

The question is: How many procedures do you want to have? MUNICH – For heart patients with clogged arteries, the choice between bypass surgery or an angioplasty may come down to one question: How many procedures would you like to have? In a research presented at the European Society of Cardiology meeting in Munich, experts […]

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