The immunization will be implemented in six doses and will be accompanied by psychological therapy. The aim is to prevent the passage of drugs to the nervous system and its pleasurable effect.

Differents studies in a Spanish laboratory test a vaccine against cocaine, involving 250 patients from different cities in Spain.

This will be the first project of its kind in Europe and was told what is being sought with the vaccine, aimed at people already addicted, is “that there are no side effects” of the presence of this substance.

It contains a molecule very similar to that of cocaine, but adulterated to be recognized by the immune system as a foreign substance. So the agency will act causing antibodies that prevent those molecules reach the brain.

This vaccine prevents the way to the nervous system and its pleasurable effect. Its purpose is that addicts abandon gradually the habit of addiction.

The administration of this vaccine would be conducted in six doses, supplemented by psychological therapies and alternatives therapies.

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