October 2008

I love to spend money. Whether it’s buying books for my child’s education, a lift ticket for a day of snowboarding, or Date Night with my Wife (see cool photos at MySpace), I always get great satisfaction spending money on products, services, and activities that I perceive as having great value. But more than spending, […]

Are being tested in homes for the elderly and expected to create about 400 per year. Tokyo – A group of Japanese researchers have developed a robotic suit for the elderly that helps support the movement of arms and legs through sensors. It also helps to walk, run and lift heavy objects. This suit could […]

An American research unveiled that those who drink after work earn between 10 and 14 per cent more than those who do not. Choosing well for fellow office to share a happy hour, you can improve your quality of work, and can give you a promotion sooner than you expected. A group of researchers at […]

The singer, who has been a vocal advocate of vegetarianism for 30 years was said to be furious after discovering pictures of the Beatles had been placed prominently in a restaurant in his home town. The ex-Beatle, called on their fans to boycott the company McDonald’s and stop buying their products, after the local hamburger […]

The immunization will be implemented in six doses and will be accompanied by psychological therapy. The aim is to prevent the passage of drugs to the nervous system and its pleasurable effect. Differents studies in a Spanish laboratory test a vaccine against cocaine, involving 250 patients from different cities in Spain. This will be the […]

Manual attempts at removal may lead to further impaction in the ear canal New York – When ear wax builds up to the point of causing symptoms, people should turn to their doctors rather than the old-fashioned cotton swab, according to new guidelines. About 12 million Americans visit the doctor each year complaining of ear […]

The doctors decided that I was not a good candidate for traditional cancer follow up treatment. I knew I had to find an alternative treatment.

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