The singer, who has been a vocal advocate of vegetarianism for 30 years was said to be furious after discovering pictures of the Beatles had been placed prominently in a restaurant in his home town.

The ex-Beatle, called on their fans to boycott the company McDonald’s and stop buying their products, after the local hamburger chain used a picture of The Beatles to advertise their fast food.

“It’s ridiculous and insulting to use these images to sell hamburgers, said Geoff Baker, spokesman for the Beatles.

Sir Paul (66) is a staunch supporter of animal rights, president of the Vegetarian Society of Great Britain and an ambassador for People for the Ethical treatment of Animals (PETA). His late wife Linda had her own range of vegetarian foods.

What do they think these stupid of McDonald’s are? “Asked Baker echoing the thoughts of McCartney.

McDonald’s responded to McCartney’s opposition, saying that the picture was meant to “acknowledge the outstanding contribution the Beatles made to both local and global culture.”

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