An American research unveiled that those who drink after work earn between 10 and 14 per cent more than those who do not.

Choosing well for fellow office to share a happy hour, you can improve your quality of work, and can give you a promotion sooner than you expected.

A group of researchers at the San Jose State University, in California, said that people who took builds “social capital”, adds valuable contacts and create relationships important to your career.

Interpersonal relationships are an important tool to relate well to the job.

An investigation conducted by American Express showed that 82 percent of U.S. companies chose the entertainment at the company as very important, whereas in the past year, 68 per cent increase in the budget for fun.

Besides improving self-esteem, alcohol frees us from inhibitions and make people more prone to lose the mask of professionalism.

Besides being a relief, all this can be important as a way to generate confidence in the group. Because of a simple feact: people tend to do business with people you can relate on an informal basis. Enjoying a glass of wine after work demonstrates that one side has more fun.

But by having a drink outside the office, they are also more likely to socialise with clients, other workers and different ranks of management – building contacts and relationships as a result.

For many people the secret is in moderation rather than abstain. Perhaps the midpoint would bring this atmosphere to the office. There notice that our comrades are even more interesting without the alcohol.

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