He has 34 years. He became legally male 10 years ago, but kept the female sexual organs. For love, decided to give birth.

A transsexual U.S. ten years ago became legally male gave birth to a girl, local media reported.

Thomas Beatie, legally male but decided to keep their female sexual organs when it was cosmetic surgery for breast removed, underwent hormone treatment and changed the legal sex, attracted worldwide attention in April to make public her pregnancy.

The transsexual of 34 years gave birth to a baby in a hospital in Bend, Oregon (northwest), ABC News reported, without providing further details.

Beatie, who uses a beard, was christened the “pregnant man” after appearing on the popular television program Oprah Winfrey to talk about her pregnancy. “I think the desire to have a child is not masculine or feminine. It is a human need. I am a person and I am entitled to have a biological child,” Beatie said then.

After the change of legal sex, Beatie married five years ago with a woman, Nancy, who was unable to have children after a hysterectomy. Beatie was then pursued by Nancy insemination with sperm from an anonymous donor bought in a bank.

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