“Trust What’s True” with the launch of True Organics(tm) supplements by Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.
The first line of USDA Certified Organic supplements.

AMHERST, MA-OCTOBER 16, 2008-Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. (ETI), a leading developer and marketer of dietary supplements to health food stores and mass market retailers has announced the release of a new USDA Certified Organic supplements line-True Organics(tm).

What is “truly organic?” It means products that are 95% or more organic, signified with the use of the USDA organic seal on the package. The True Organics line showcases the USDA organic seal on every bottle, signifying that 95% or more of each product has been organically produced according to the strictest standards-no pesticides or harmful chemicals, no artificial ingredients or preservatives, and most importantly no worries for the health of consumers and their families. In other words, if it doesn’t have the
seal, it’s not real.

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.’s organic certifying agency, Quality Assurance International, is the largest and most recognized in the world. Enzymatic Therapy is the first company to have patents pending on their 95%+
USDA-certified organic supplements and their respective manufacturing processes.

“This is about helping our bodies, our minds and our planet,” mentions Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter and Scientific Advisory Board member. “As a certified organic facility, it makes complete sense for Enzymatic Therapy to take the lead on this, as they have in so many other areas of research and
product development. It means better health-pure and simple.”

The True Organics line includes: Organic Vitamin C, Organic Calcium, Organic Iron, Organic Vitamin B12, Organic Cherry Fruit Extract, and Organic Cranberry.

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc., based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is North America’s leading manufacturer and distributor of over 200 dietary supplements and natural medicines. ETI is an FDA-registered drug establishment and a certified organic processor. The company’s products and ingredients are
collectively the subject of over 2,500 independent, peer-reviewed-published clinical trials and studies. For more information, visit www.enzy.com.

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