The dish of the day has beans, spinach, onions and corn. But the healthy and nutritious meal does not just come from the Green. It passed a month since those vegetables looked green in the freezer until it became a perfect dinner. This is not a rarity. The consumption of frozen vegetables increased by 16% during 2007 and the trend in the world, which began 20 years ago, is increasing.

frozen beans

Yesterday was the global day for food and the reasons for this new paradigm of cold dish is as simple as opening the freezer and be able to boil a little broccoli, salt it and serve with noodles. The speed of cooking, the opportunity to prepare at any time (without relying on finding an open Grosery) and not have to wash leaf by leaf are part of the recipe for success.

But is the same thing to eat spinach made a cube thaan a fresh one? “It has the same nutritional value, saysthe nutritionist Sergio Britos, director of Food Safety of Agro-ethical. It is a healthy option and equal to fresh”.

fresh vegetables

The nutritionist Maria Emilia Mazzei, an adviser to Molinos Rio de la Plata, said that frozen vegetables have superpowers. “The frozen product is harvested at the perfect height of the plant, is washed and their growth enzymes are inhibited, so they don’t continue rotting, preserving almost all vitamins and minerals,” she said. 

But not everyone wants the carrot or lettuce in a future-coming as a frozen cube. Claudia Carrara, one of the owners of the organic restaurant BIO, states: “We are against the manipulation of food. If the vegetable comes from the freezer and goes to the  microwave is like eating a chub of cement, it doesn’t have a healthy thing besides what they put on the packaging. The companies want to attract public, but they are playing with people: fresh vegetables and without additives or chemicals can not be replaced”.

Carolina Guryn is the designer of Artemisia plates, another naturist restaurant in Buenos Aires: “We buy vegetables in the day and we use all fresh products. We wever use the frozen ones. Food made in the day has another quality”. In fact, the real problem is the use of pesticides. I think there could be good organic frozen vegetables if they guarantee they are growth without the use of these chemicals.

Monica Katz, medical nutrition specialist of the Favaloro Foundation balances between the different positions: “There is a sensorial difference between eating fresh to frozen food. However, the vegetables from the freezer retain nutritional density. Be careful not to miss the cold chain and not cooking too much. But, after all, they are a better option that canned food, and much better than not eating vegetables at all”.

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