November 2008

Sunglasses reflect undesirable radiation, acting as a mirror, with the metal layers of the saddle, and absorption. There are several types in turn: Isochromatic lenses, or a single color. The gray, brown and dark green are those which offer greater protection. Photochromatic lenses, which change color with the exposure of UV ray, darkening when the sun is […]

The use of swimming goggles prevents eye contact with water, irritating by the chlorine and PH and potential carrier of bacteria, in addition to providing comfort by keeping splashes away from the eyes. A good choice should contain the following features: They must allow a clear view inside and outside the water, with a crystal […]

Around 200 students show their passion for science. At the end of August, ITBA opened its gates to the second edition of the ESSARP Science Fair. More than 200 students aged eight to 17 (junior, intermediate and senior) from bilingual schools in Buenos Aires participated in the event. Early in the morning they started to […]

The pink river dolphin is an animal that lives in the Amazon and has healing powers used to oncological,  neurological and physiotherapy applications. This dolphin has in his brain a powerful ultrasound system that makes it a natural complement to combat leukemia, depression or psychomotor problems. The center therapeutic working with these animals without keeping them […]

Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical preserve in the United States. The park encompasses some 32.000 square kilometres and its marshy waters are famous for the crocodiles that can be seen up close. There are several visitor center, like the Royal Palm Visitor Center located near the main entrance whose display with recorded messages […]

All fligths – and especially those lasting longer than three hours – are more pleasant if you follow a number of tips we wish to list below for you conveniente and comfort. Allow for leg space when choosing where to place your carry-on luggage. A number of simple exercises will help you feel better, thus […]

So maybe you can´t walk into a popular restaurant on a weekend nigth without reservation expecting to be seated rigth away. And if you show up after 9.00 pm, in all likehood you´ll get the same lousy table next to the swinging kitchen door that you´d have gotten during Christmas. But the off-season slow down […]

Losing a father and brother in recent years to cancer, I experienced first hand the limits of modern medicine.

Knowing the root cause of sinusitis will aid you in better understanding of how to alleviate the constant problems that it can bring. Here we will discuss the symptoms and treatments that are available. Sinus infectionsSinusitis is known as inflammation of the sinuses.  Sinusitis is one of the more common conditions that can upset people […]

Keeping with our theme of gifts from the kitchen for the holidays during these difficult economic times, I’ve included a special cookie with history called the Anzac cookie.

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