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Organic for Health by Sandy Powers

Review by Dan Fantin, M.L.I.S., Librarian


Picking up and reading Organic for Health by Sandy Powers was certainly an eye opening experience. Sandy tells the reader after being diagnosed with breast cancer and an ailing liver, she was able to overcome these health obstacles by switching to an organic diet and using healthy oils for cooking and eating. Ms. Powers includes many of the healing recipes in her book that she used to begin her path to health.

Losing a father and brother in recent years to cancer, I experienced first hand the limits of modern medicine. Sandy’s assertion eating organic foods help cure her immediately caught my attention. Certainly the idea of eating wholesome food and developing a healthy lifestyle as a means of taking a pro-active role in one’s own recovery was a notion that I found appealing.

Following her mastectomy, Sandy developed an alternative lifestyle that proved to be a lifesaver for her and could be for you as well. Sandy describes what exactly is wrong with the conventionally grown food we find in our grocery stores and how these foods have the potential to cause numerous health problems.


The book is thoroughly researched and well written. Sandy clearly explains how our food supply has been inundated with toxic pesticides, toxic fertilizers, herbicides, hormones, and antibiotics. Reading the book made me wonder how many people in our society have misdiagnosed medical problems that could be directly caused by the numerous toxins found in our food! What is just as scary is how little most people know about the state of our food supply and just how negligent the FDA is in protecting the American consumer. As disturbing as the information in this book is, it has a happy and uplifting ending. After all, Sandy was able to overcome her medical problems and heal herself.

Organic for Health

has wide reader appeal. Even students in the middle school where I teach have found the book to be fascinating and have done reports on the benefits of eating organic food. Ms. Powers’ book is definitely well worth reading.






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