Around 200 students show their passion for science.

At the end of August, ITBA opened its gates to the second edition of the ESSARP Science Fair.

More than 200 students aged eight to 17 (junior, intermediate and senior) from bilingual schools in Buenos Aires participated in the event.

Early in the morning they started to work on the setting and decoration of their stands. Some prepared posters, Power Point presentations and experiments. Others had prepared brochures and organised Raffles for the visitors.

A Group of renowned adjudicators specialised in different areas of science visited the 18 stands and listened to each presentations carefully. After deliberating through lunch break, the results were Reddy and the prize giving ceremony took place.

Originality and creativity, solid teamwork and deep research and understanding of the theoretical principles were some of the aspects taken into account for the assessment of the projects. It was hard for the judges to decide as the level and dedication was outstanding.

The excellent presentations delivered by the participants in English reflected thorough investigation of the topics chosen, to the delight of their peers, teachers and visitors. The commitment, enthusiasm and hard work of the students really showed.

When the students were asked what had motivated them to participate in an event of this kind there was a common denominador in most answer: “A love for science and a good teachers”…food for thought.

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