The pink river dolphin is an animal that lives in the Amazon and has healing powers used to oncological,  neurological and physiotherapy applications.

This dolphin has in his brain a powerful ultrasound system that makes it a natural complement to combat leukemia, depression or psychomotor problems.

The center therapeutic working with these animals without keeping them in captivity, and specializes in treating children, though still in small scale.

This dolphin has little vision but replaces it with a big head that is capable of generating ultrasound and can locate where is the problem.

Ultrasound locates the problem and achieve “a balance in the body, generate endorphins and stimulate the body, so they can improve the functioning of glands, the secretion of hormones or blood flow”.

According to the Water Thought Foundation, one of the most notorious features of this dolphins is its ability to improve the interhemispheric synchronization -successful in 75 percent of cases-, and activate dormant areas of the brain, which will also fight trauma and revert the self-esteem, which activates the immune system in addition to the patient.

The pink dolphin also complements its ultrasound in a natural and safe chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients, in addition to stimulating the need for communication in children with socialization and learning in dynamic cases Down syndrome, achieving results between two and ten times faster.

The therapeutic effect of these animals, which in adults can reach 180 pounds and measure up to 2.5 meters, “is noted from the first day,” although the therapy can last up to three years, in sessions of two hours.

This type of therapy is the most requested by Brazilian patients, but also are starting to get requests from Europe and the US.

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