December 2008

San Francisco, USA .- Videogames handled directly by brain waves will be available by the end of this year, according to a company of Silicon Valley that created a low-cost helmets. The readings are converted into action in the game by a computer program. Objects on the screen can be moved carefully focusing on them […]

Wikipedia receives donations from users around one million dollars annually. But according to Florence Devouard, director of the Foundation, it takes approximately 5 million to continue. “If we do not find additional financing, it may disappear”, said Devouard, who explained that at present, the site is supported by a million dollars annually. Following those statements, […]

It all began in 1903 when Florida┬┤s three-and-a-half-acre Pelican Island became the first national wildlife refuge. The movement reached a milestone last October when the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dedicated the 500th refuge – a Canada-like slice of West Virgina called Canaan Valley. From valley wetlands 3,200 feet above sea level to mountain ridges […]

Since the 1960s the U.S. Navy has maintained an elite team of bottlenose dolphins for both research and hazardous duty such as locating mines underwater. Until recently about a hundred dolphins lived at Navy facilities in Hawaii and San Diego, where trainer Lauryn Crosthwaite exercises one of her troops. But Defense Department cuts have reached […]

The lubricant used by a brand of condoms has proved, as reported by Telegraph, an excellent and unexpected treatment to cure juvenile acne. At least it’s a Cambodian women opinion when asked by the news agency AFP. “After using it for three days, the spots disappeared,” said Tep Kemyoeurn of 29 years. According to the […]

In a conference of the Andalusian Days of Nutrition, the conclusion was that survival rate is greater when there are fewer ingested calories. This is due to the new anti-aging treatments, nutrition accounts for 50% of any program designed to slow the aging process. Pascual Sanz Institute for Nutrition and Health has pointed out that […]

According to recent research, the speed with which the sperm travel up the egg does not depend directly on the anatomical shape they possess. As for the theory that denies the aerodynamic profile and a tail longer leads to greater speed in the sperm, according suggests a study by the University of Sheffield (UK) as […]

Australian paleontologists discovered fossils of eight unknown species of kangaroo in the Nullarbor Plain in southern Australia. This indicates that not only was the climate change by which, these species did not survive. We found the remains of a mollusk and 69 vertebrates, including eight kangaroos that lived in the middle Pleistocene, makes 800,000 and […]

Rounds, lustrous objetcs growing on coral reefs often intrigue divers. They look like giants pearls, but they are really plants called sea pearls. Found throughout Caribbean waters to depths of nearly 300 feet, the globes of these green algae are singles cells that can exceed an inch in diameter – making them among the largest […]

George Washington was frequently see munching them.

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