January 2009

Our bodies chakra centers resonate to the colors of the visible spectrum of light as I previously mentioned.  There are many ways to stimulate and balance these amazing energy centers of our body.  Among these methods are… sitting in sunlight for an hour each day, using full spectrum light bulbs, wearing vibrant colors next to […]

Above all it is necessary to replenish water removed to keep the water balance. This may be recommended: 1) Drink before thirst. The sensation of thirst indicates some degree of dehydration. Only a 1% loss reduces the ability of performance. 6% can put lives at risk. TAKE CARE! 2) Drink half a liter of water or […]

Our body is an average of 60% water. Of this 60%, 40% is the intracellular water and extracellular water is 20%, and this water is inside the cell (20%), 5% is blood plasma and the remaining 15 % interstitial water remains, that is, within the cells. It is precisely this interstitial water, which can be […]

Whole System Design The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) take pride in helping to design energy-efficient buildings that cost less than wasteful ones. The 3600-sq.-ft. Hawaii Gateway Energy Center in Kailu-Kona is a net-zero energy facility. The building forms a termal chimney: Sun-heated air flows up and out stacks in the sloped roof, pulling air that´s […]

Searching For Health             By Sandy Powers                     Health: a state of physical and mental well-being– a desired goal we all seek, but not one we all attain.   Common sense tells us we begin by eating healthy, yet, what is eating healthy?   There are an abundance of diets on the market that claim this […]