May 2009

by Steve Hefferon In traditional medicine, back pain is often treated by surgery. And it often doesn’t work. So often, in fact, that back pain surgery is the only category of surgery that actually has a clinical term for failure: Failed Back Surgery Syndrome. If you ask me, any treatment that actually expects failure is […]

By Dr. Mark Wiley The old saying goes: “Vacations are fun, but traveling is a pain in the neck!” Actually, traveling can be an even bigger pain in the back. The stress of making plans, packing the essentials, getting to the airport on time, waiting to check in and the whole security scenario really pack […]

A radiant and healthy hair, with shine and volume, beautifies more your face. It is a reflection of feminity besides, shows that you take care of you and that give a good maintenance. However you should not be excluded at the time of fix, on the contrary, it is important to streamline and bring life […]

Preparing for cyclones can save lives, but to save livelihoods nations must also help people adapt to cyclones’ impacts. This is particularly true for countries affected by tropical cyclones. While climate change does not necessarily lead to more cyclones forming, the evidence is very strong now that the rising temperatures of the sea surface will […]

Music is a Universal language. Every culture in every era of human development has had some form of music. One of my favorite older movies is “What’s up Doc?” with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O’Neal. Howard Banister (Ryan) was a musicologist studying the early musical abilities of prehistoric man and believed that early melodies were […]

I suspect most of the folks reading this blog have all ready read the book or have seen the movie “The Celestine Prophecy”. One of the main points of the book and movie is the desire on every persons part to receive energy. This is the basis of all of life and all human interaction. […]

Key medicinal plants used for cancer, malaria and other remedies are being over-exploited – potentially putting the health of millions at risk. The warning comes from international conservation group Plantlife this week. According to their report, almost one third of medicinal species could become extinct, with losses reported in China, India, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and […]

Insecticides are the most important preventive instrument against malaria, fever and filariasis. Still for yellow fever, where a vaccine exists, insecticides are still needed to control common crashes. Characteristics that make good public health insecticides (PHIs) are not necessarily shared by modern agricultural or industrial insecticides. For example, DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane) was dropped as an agrochemical […]

A remote Chinese island is installing a power station that will harness the wind, sun and waves to produce energy and fresh water. Situated on Dangan Island in the South China Sea, the station should provide 80 per cent of the energy requirements of its 300 inhabitants. A desalination facility will provide 10,000 tons of […]

Libido problems affect many people, especially as we get older, but there are times in all our lives when desires are low. This is usually a temporary phase, so does not point to failure. However it becomes more of a problem if there is a difference between the desires of one partner and the other, […]

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