August 2009

I want to take the opportunity to share with you today a few pearls of wisdom from Deepak Chopra and one of his amazing videos.  Considering his very simple yet eloquent method of delivering great wisdom this is more like a treasure chest of pearls, diamonds and gold. I recently rented “How to know God”  […]

Meditation is an ancient form of self discovery and enlightenment.  Chakra meditation is designed to open and cleanse each center with conscious intention.  Through meditation we reconnect to the living spirit within us.  This is the source of all knowledge.  Any one with a question needing answers is directed by friends, clergy or their psychologist […]

An Amazon plant would be able to constitute the base of a medicine to fight the fever of the dengue, according to Brazilian investigators. Uncaria tomentosa, this plant has antiviral properties and of regulation of the immune system, by its anti-inflammatory effects. The infection of the fever causes fever, queasiness, headache and abdominal pain. As […]

A cheap test to detect cervical cancer using the key ingredient in vinegar, acetic acid, a speculum and a bright light, could aid in the detection of cervical cancer in poor countries, and could save millions of women in the developing world according to a study published in Lancet. The trial was conducted in India. […]

El Salvador, thanks to its favorable climate, can produce biofuels from the sugarcane, according to a study coordinated by the Department of Sustainable Development of the Organization of American States (OAS). For the ecologists “the environmental impact and the social consequences” of the production and massive commercialization of biofuels “generate increase of the deforestation of […]

Can Food Cure? Otiz the Iceman froze in the Alps 5,300 years ago. The well preserved mummy was discovered in 1991 by hikers in the remote Alpine border between Austria and Italy. Along with Otiz were found a copper ax, a flint-tipped dagger, a bow and arrows, and a pouch that, upon examination, was the […]

The climate change debate offers a way to integrate forest management into development policy, but strategies must be informed by good science. Conservationists have long recognised the role of forests in supporting indigenous people’s livelihoods in developing countries. In addition to fuel and building material, forests often provide critical supplies of food and medicine. They […]

This policy brief, published by the Towards 4+5 Research Programme Consortium, presents policymakers and researchers with strategies for using scientific research to inform decision-making in mother and newborn health. The authors highlight some of the factors that constrain the effective use of research in policymaking, including the influence of powerful international actors – including major […]

How to use antiretroviral therapy (ART) to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS is the most pressing question in HIV research. Recent research suggests early therapy may increase survival rates and improve both individual and public health. Indeed, there is little doubt that early ART can help prevent HIV/AIDS, say the scientists. But most people with HIV […]