The richness of life where mega Colombian landscapes contrast with the number of deaths that occur every year by one of the most malignant diseases of the XXI century. According to the American Cancer Society, 7 million 600 thousand people died worldwide by the disease in 2007.
Research Group of Animal Biotechnology at the National University of Colombia in Medellin and Marine Natural Products, University of Antioquia, are making macroalgae feedstock, a natural source that can be used for the generation of anticancer drugs.

According to a Professor of the UN in Medellin, Juan Bautista Lopez, “in 2002 we conducted an evaluation of the effect of methanol extract of seaweeds collected in the Colombian Caribbean Coast. In the final diagnosis, we found that these marine plants have a valuable antimitotic ability, ie stop cellular activity at the stage of mitosis, similar effect generated by widely used anticancer drugs in cancer treatment as vinblastine, vincristine, colchisin and taxol.

These promising results led the researchers to propose a new problem: to explain the chemical nature of substances responsible for this activity, present in alcoholic extracts of the seaweeds.

To do this, they proceeded to isolate, purify and characterize each of the substances responsible for antimitotic activity and subsequently, apply with full certainty to macroalgae as a potential drug in cancer therapy, which can be administered with curative or palliation.

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