Do you want to live healthy and happy?

That perception is absolutely false. Many ladies do not dare to make a meal if there is no meat. The meat has many benefits but is highly toxic and harmful waste leaves the body. When you use animal fat for soup you are clogging your arteries and veins leading to heart attacks and cerebrovascular problems.

Today the leading cause of death worldwide is the clogging of veins and arteries all for the consumption of animal fats and margarine. In some countries one of the most harmful foods is a delicious stew and think that it is used almost daily and there is a complicit silence on this issue.
They are damaging our way of eating than a person who underwent catheterization send him some medication so it does not present new plugs but statistics show that despite all become clogged again within a period ranging from 3 to 5, but are frequently clog in days.

Vegetarian soup

In a saucepan pour a liter of water and put to cook with the following:
The stem of a single sheet of chopped celery.

Two tomatoes, hopefully organic, chopped.

Six potatoes Creole whole.

An egg onion cut in two.

A little bit of turmeric, if you have asparagus and a tallit if available and minced. When everything is cooked melts and add a leaf of spinach try strained by hand, one of spinach and a celery and starts to cook again and add carrot strips and salt. To serve it fried plantains fried and mixed with the soup. To add protein, we can take green pea gravel or soy milk. This soup is dirt cheap and replaces the advantages and stew is delicious.

Image to link: Vegetarian Organic Life

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