December 2009

by Lesley Mattos Once upon a time… not that very long ago, really, green was pretty much just a color – people just naturally paid more attention to money, not the environment, and “going green” meant changing you kitchen’s color scheme. But no more: we’re all trying to save money and be eco-friendly these days, […]

The holiday season usually means lots of extra eating – cookies and cakes, stuffing and potatoes, meats and cheeses, wine and eggnog can be tempting and easy to overdo. Despite best intentions, overindulging, combined with the types of foods we eat during the holidays, can lead to a troubled digestion. practitioner Dr. Tom Bayne, […]

I would like to take this opportunity today to share with you a beautiful and powerful expression of truth that was given to me on a recent trip to England. Valarie Logan Clarke  shared this with me while I was attending a seminar that she hosted teaching Color Therapy for pets and animals.  My interest […]

Designed For Every Man, Woman and Couch Potato Expansive, peaceful and centered – this is the way we feel after a sweaty yoga practice. But is it possible to achieve this same state, without the sweat, the poses or the class? Yes it is, and anyone can do it. InnerYoga provides non-physical techniques that are […]

Yeepet, is a social Worldwide net or community, that simply joins the pets’ lovers all over the world, in order to meet, to look for information, to look for products on the care for our pets. Besides in this community, one can participate, joining photo contests, raiseeing our animals’ photos, taking part in legal professions […]

One constipation remedy needed by all is none other than the universal solvent – water.

I recently attended an enlightening seminar in Felpham, England that deals with color therapy for pets and domestic animals.  Animals have chakra centers just as we do and in very similar locations.  They begin at the base of the spine and as you travel toward the head they are located in the same corresponding areas.  […]