Offshore wind energy is, as the onshore wind, an application of the force produced by the wind. The difference from the ground gained is that the wind turbines (windmills) are located offshore. The cost of installation is much higher than land areas, but also its lifetime is greater. Furthermore, the costs of foundations and anchors have fallen dramatically in recent years, bringing the price of the megawatt (MW) is same as other renewables. Denmark is the country that started offshore wind and seas are now the largest wind turbine.

Denmark, a pioneer

The first offshore wind farm consisting of 11 wind turbines, was built in Denmark in 1991 in the Baltic Sea and in 2002, following the launch of several parks with different power, opened the park Horns Rev, the largest world with 80 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 160 MW.

After the years of offshore wind energy use in Denmark one can conclude that, although it has required a significant financial investment, the production of electricity is more stable and 20% higher than onshore wind power. Furthermore, the life of the park, with good maintenance, can be doubled. Currently 50% of household electricity consumption comes from the Danish energy type.

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