March 2010

Much has been written about the good fish makes when talking about prevention of stroke. But what is not known is that the preparation method plays an important role in the conservation of these beneficial effects. A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine reveals that everything is fine if the fish in question is […]

Yes, we have been saying for a long time, and it seems that entirely true: the risk of colon cancer is 30% higher in people who consume more red and processed meats. Quite the opposite of what happens between those who regularly consume fish, which are decreasing your chances of getting this malignant tumor also […]

Mineral water is categorized by its purity at source, its content in minerals, trace elements and other constituents, its conservation and its healing properties. The low-sodium mineral waters bring advantages in relation to the prevention and treatment of the following conditions: Hypertension: This is a disease that must be tightly controlled sodium intake through diet, […]

Exercising 10 to 30 minutes a day can make women overweight or obese adults feel much better. Thus ended the investigation by the American Heart Association. They studied 430 sedentary women who had already gone through menopause. I inquired about their fitness and, principally, their mental health if they were nervous, depressed, calm or happy. […]

Of all the recently published information on health, perhaps the most surprising has been the one that has shown that people who consume diet sodas tend to gain more weight than those who prefer regular presentations. For eight years, a team of the Center for Health Sciences in San Antonio, Texas, evaluated the soft drink […]

Four thousand women participated in Palermo, Buenos Aires, in a race exclusively for them: The Nike Girls Race 5K. Moreover, this race, held for the fourth consecutive year, took place in Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Asuncion, Paraguay. Throughout Latin America ,18,100 women participated in this race to mark Women’s Day. In Argentina, recently passed […]

The experts said that they can restrict the hunt, the marine traffic and the petroleum activity out of the coast, but it will not be enough if the basic habitat of these animals, the ice, continues melting. Definitively, this goes beyond my scope “, said Joel Garlich-Miller, an expert in walruses of the Service of […]

The marine aptitude to absorb carbon dioxide is exhausting in another sample of the excessive emisión of gases greenhouse caused by the activity of the man in the Herat. A recently study of the Nacional Geographic indicated that between 2000 and 2007,as consecuense of the emisión of this gas the oceanic absorption of the carbon […]

The process across how the plants grow and produce more quantity of vegetable biomass is one of the most important biological processes in the planet. An international team of scientists has presented a new  study that demonstrates that, as the vegetable  species in the  world become extinct the natural habitats become less productive and contain […]

Moisturizing creams and moisturizers have significant differences. In the present moisturizing agents like glycerine or propylene glycol or similar, capable of removing the water of constitution loss for different reasons. Moisturizers then restored the “water” and are necessary for skin to retain its natural moisture. These creams are able to retain moisture. In the moisturizing […]

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