The marine aptitude to absorb carbon dioxide is exhausting in another sample of the excessive emisión of gases greenhouse caused by the activity of the man in the Herat. A recently study of the Nacional Geographic indicated that between 2000 and 2007,as consecuense of the emisión of this gas the oceanic absorption of the carbon produced by the industrial activity diminished between 27 and one 24 per cent.

The absorption of the carbon dioxide (CO2) on the part of the oceans does not manage to equalize the quantity of carbon that the man is producing.

The scientists  said that  this is not that one has begun to reduce the oceanic absorption of CO2, but it is not increasing in the same pace of before.

And if the oceans continue being saturated, bigger will be the quantity of the gas that will be kept in an atmosphere that it(he,she) is registering an increase of his(her,your) temperature, it(he,she) indicated.

In last instance the oceans are who control what happens in the planet in meteorological terms.

Image to link: ENN

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