The experts said that they can restrict the hunt, the marine traffic and the petroleum activity out of the coast, but it will not be enough if the basic habitat of these animals, the ice, continues melting. Definitively, this goes beyond my scope “, said Joel Garlich-Miller, an expert in walruses of the Service of the Fishing and the Wild Life of The United States, in Anchorage.

Instead of happening the summer in the marine ice, thousands of walruses remained beached in land up to for three months.

If they continue the current trends, and the walruses have to remain on the coast every summer, it would be deprived of the food of the rich marine waters, said the biologist Tony Fischbach, of the Geological Service of The United States.

The Service of the Fishing and the Wild Life of The United States will have to decide if includes to the polar bears in the list of animals “threatened” with extinction due to the loss of marine ice immediately after the global warming. The polar bears will see to be in danger.

On the other hand, the seals of the region also run risk. These seals prosper under the marine ice. Immediately after the global warming, these caves are ruined on having begun the spring, and the puppies stay at the mercy of foxes, polar bears, and inclusive gulls and ravens.

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