Mineral water is categorized by its purity at source, its content in minerals, trace elements and other constituents, its conservation and its healing properties.

The low-sodium mineral waters bring advantages in relation to the prevention and treatment of the following conditions:

  • Hypertension: This is a disease that must be tightly controlled sodium intake through diet, a low intake by the reduced water in this mineral helps maintain healthy blood vessels and blood pressure under control.
  • Fluid retention: is a very common phenomenon especially in those with overweight, it is advisable to minimize sodium intake and increase fluid inclusion. The low in this mineral water helps to prevent or to do much milder disorder.
  • Diabetes in the disease significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, therefore, essential care (among other things) the contribution of dietary sodium. Waters low in this mineral help to maintain normal blood pressure while heart health care.
  • Kidney Disease: Sodium is a mineral that is excreted through the kidneys, its excess can cause serious disruption to this level. The low-sodium water is ideal for people with kidney failure.
  • Heart disease and brain: the low sodium intake helps to protect your heart, brain and arteries. Besides food low in salt, low in the mineral water helps, as already mentioned, to maintain normal blood pressure and that, accordingly, maintains healthy cardiovascular system and brain.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders apart from all the above, an excess of sodium damages the gastrointestinal mucosa can produce gastritis, gastro duodenal ulcers and even chronically excessive intake may increase the risk of stomach cancer. The low-sodium water, in this sense, no doubt protect the digestive system.
  • Osteoporosis: as has been seen so far, consume sodium dem├ísresulta always harmful, bone health is no exception to this rule. Excessive intake leads to increased calcium excretion in the urine, increasing the risk of bone loss. Reduced-sodium waters contribute to its prevention.

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