Moisturizing creams and moisturizers have significant differences. In the present moisturizing agents like glycerine or propylene glycol or similar, capable of removing the water of constitution loss for different reasons. Moisturizers then restored the “water” and are necessary for skin to retain its natural moisture. These creams are able to retain moisture.

In the moisturizing active principles are more complex, as special amino acids, sodium lactate, urea, allantoin, etc. Moisturizers are “emollients”, which are preparations that return flexibility to skin dryness avoiding the externalities produced by the body or each individual case.

The moisturizers that give the water just keeping your skin needs moisture. Its function is to produce a skin moisturizing revitalizing the most parched and restoring natural moisture.

The moisturizer also give the water it needs each skin in particular but also provide deep hydration, containing active elements important as hyaluronic acid, urea, and other surbitol.

From age 20 to start from moist skin to prevent. After 25 years, where the aging process begins, it is necessary to moisturize all day in the morning after cleansing and hydrating or moisturizing use as foundation.


The cream restores skin nourishing nutrients that it has lost several factors. Are more complex because they contain different compounds that work by preventing the formation of lines, wrinkles and furrows, diminishing the existing ones.

They can be:

  • Simple nutritious, they are lanolin and vegetable oils.
  • Complex nutrients, when they contain active substances such as vitamins, marine collagen and other compounds that act by removing dead cells to improve skin quality.

These creams are applied at night to clean skin and removed with water in the morning before.


The serum, are used to tackle the problems of hard-hit skins. They are highly concentrated products that apply only to a few drops. There are different specific formulas for every age and skin condition. The cosmetics industry has several options and are usually very expensive products that come in different varieties, packaged in single doses to achieve effects such as: remodelers, anti stress, moisturizing, revitalizing, with immediate effect, smoothing, anti-aging, turnbuckles, lighting technicians, repairers, stains.

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