Of all the recently published information on health, perhaps the most surprising has been the one that has shown that people who consume diet sodas tend to gain more weight than those who prefer regular presentations. For eight years, a team of the Center for Health Sciences in San Antonio, Texas, evaluated the soft drink consumption of 1,550 people.

What did ¬†they find? “That among those with a normal body mass index at baseline, but had taken diet soda during the eight years that were evaluated, the incidence of overweight and obesity was higher than among those who preferred the common soda. Several reasons were given to explain this surprising result. One is that it is possible for people who prefer diet foods in your family have a history of obesity-would make them more prone to acute mountain sickness, but there are many more. According to the researchers, who do not drink diet soda drink water or juice or milk, which are lower calorie drinks, and much healthier, and tend to over-consumption of high-calorie foods and desserts. They think, experts say, that as I saved calories prefer a diet soda, can eat a little more of your favorite sweet.

Image to link: Fitsugar

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