April 2010

By Jesse Cannone If you’re suffering from chronic lower back pain and past your college years you may want your doctor to check for spinal stenosis. But if your doctor suggests spinal fusion surgery you may want to think twice. So first of all, what is spinal stenosis? Basically it’s a narrowing of the spinal […]

If You Don’t Start the Mediterranean Diet Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later. a) Many people say that Mediterranean diet is high in fat. Is it still possible for people to lose weight if they follow the Mediterranean diet? To some extent, Mediterranean diet really has a high fat content. But you have to take note […]

What mattress should we choose? The mattress you choose to sleep should be firm, straight and soft enough to fit the curves of your spine. Some people believe that the best mattresses are hard or very hard, but against what we think, a mattress is too hard so perjudial as a too soft. Sleeping positions: […]

Much has been said about the benefits of cold showers or cryotherapy, and the benefits to the whole organism. Benefits of cold water showers The veins constrict, reactivates the circulation of blood, the skin is smooth, carrying blood and oxygen to every pore. Cold showers are especially beneficial in the legs to prevent circulatory problems, […]

In Book XXI CENTURY NUTRITION is a summary of recent studies on vegetable fats and its benefit to the body. Of these fabulous features a molecule called gamma linoleic acid which promotes fat mobilization (active brown adipose tissue, a site where fats are used) therefore is a FAT to “burn” FAT. This substance is found […]

A problem that worry Implications in heart 20 percent of American teenagers have problems with cholesterol. One in five young people reaches dangerous levels of cholesterol, a major risk factor for heart disease in adults, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), while also warned that global attitudes should be adopted preventive. Even […]

By Jesse Cannone Facet joints connect your vertebrae together. They provide a smooth slippery surface allowing you to bend and twist. And they limit your range of motion just enough to prevent accidental injury of your spinal cord. When they hurt, it can seriously impact your ability to move normally. A painful cervical facet joint […]

The majority of the marks that stay in the face, are a product of the acne that appear as consequence of the hormones or of some pest. The first and useful advice is not to burst them and rather to treat them not to ruin the appearance of the skin. To end with the marks, […]

All treatments must be based on products that regenerate and nourish skin. Masks, creams, milks, moisturizers and other products should contain natural products that benefit the quality of the skin. The following treatments can be done at home without help from professionals. Lemon juice It is necessary to use freshly squeezed lemon juice or directly […]

Losing weight and the word easy are just not something you see together and if you do, you should think twice about the diet. Losing weight is work and determination along with a splash of dedication. In order to lose weight you must be prepared to change some habits. Eating can be a habit just […]

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