Playing make your belly look slim. This is the main conclusion of a detailed study by the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which shows that physical activity focused on the game during a period of approximately four and half hours a week reduce childhood obesity in 6%. The research draws this conclusion after two years working directly with more than a thousand students of a primary school.

Before starting work with the children, the researchers analyzed the physical conditions of the children. This found that 30.7% of girls and 31.8% of boys were overweight, data that “collided” with those related to the level of LDL (bad), that contrary to expectations, showed a significant decrease from studies by the same team of researchers in previous editions.

And so they designed a program of physical activity and competitive playfulness, called Movi, outside school hours to for half of the students, while the other half would not be any intervention. For two years, the children participated in Movi for 90 minutes three days a week, based largely on games designed especially to enhance cardio work, strength and muscular endurance and flexibility. The results are more than interesting: the rate of overweight decreased by 2% in boys and 6% in girls.

The study also reveals that the group which introduced the movie program improved self-esteem and sociability compared to the control group on which no intervention was not performed.

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