Babies who are fed only with breast milk in the first stage of childhood tend to eat less later than babies fed with formula milk, according to recent research.

This type of food self-regulation may help explain why previous research has found that breast milk protects against obesity.

“The child self-regulation may, in fact, be affected by how the baby gets the milk,” said the autor of the study, Dr. Ruowei Li, medical epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) of USA. “While taking more formula children, more likely they were to leave the empty bottle in late childhood,” said Li.

Childhood is a ┬áperiod that has an impact on self-regulation, and many other studies show that children’s development and the rapid increase in weight have an effect on later obesity.

What this means for parents who feed their babies with breast milk or formula stored, Li said, is that they need to pay special attention to the signals for feeding their babies.

The study included data from 1,250 babies born at term, and that weighed over 5 pounds (2.3 kilos) at birth. Their mothers completed a monthly questionnaire on feeding until infants met twelve months.

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