December 2010

While it is common to experience more stress and episodes of depression during the winter months due to the shift in weather, minimal sunlight and typical holiday stress, there are a few tools that may help you fight off the winter blues. Supplementing with key vitamins and minerals, eating healthy foods, and engaging in regular […]

Water plays a crucial role in your overall health. Depending on your gender, water comprises between 50 and 60 percent of your entire body—and in Chinese Medicine, it is considered the body’s essential medium, allowing for communication between vital organs and facilitating proper flow. Unfortunately, water that is not properly filtered may also do more […]

Once you are diagnosed with a minor or major health condition, it may be difficult to stay motivated and positive. It is not only important to maintain a healing attitude for your own sanity, but also for your health. Stress, anxiety and negative emotions can worsen your condition, which can make you feel even more […]

In this era of Internet, everyone has become so busy in their lives with the hectic work and their daily activities that ultimately puts a lot of stress on their minds. There are few symptoms of depression like they don’t find interest in the daily activities and other fun related work. Even they cant sleep […]

An estimated 59 million Americans are living with some type of thyroid condition and most are not even aware of it. As one of the largest endocrine glands in the body, the thyroid controls how quickly the body uses energy and makes proteins, as well as the body’s sensitivity to other hormones. When your thyroid […]

Whether you want to improve cellular health or prevent the common cold, medicinal mushrooms are available in a variety of species to help you address your health concerns. Certain types of mushrooms have the distinct ability to boost immune health and fight diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and many more life-threatening illnesses. These powerful […]

When practiced regularly, meditation can promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Many Westerners use meditation as a way of improving overall health, and to improve issues ranging from cardiovascular disease, inflammation and immune activity, to pain, anxiety, depression, and mental imbalances. Here’s how meditation can help you: 1) Healing: When practiced regularly, meditation can allow […]

Study found more than 30% of kids who didn’t get enough nighttime rest gained too much weight Infants and preschoolers who don’t get enough sleep at night are at increased risk for later childhood obesity, a new study suggests. The researchers also found that daytime naps are not an adequate substitute for lost nighttime sleep […]

Long before you expect it, Fido and Snowball are no longer able to bolt out the door or leap onto the bed. But with routine visits to the vet, regular exercise and good weight control, you can help your beloved pet ward off the onset of age-related disease, one veterinary expert suggests. “Aging pets are […]

Iron is a mineral that our bodies need for many functions. The body needs iron to make the proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells and myoglobin is found in muscles. They help carry and store oxygen in the body. Iron is also part of many other proteins and enzymes in […]

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