January 2011

Of all the recommended strategies for fighting disease and promoting overall health and well being, few are as critical and profound as the practice of healthy eating. Healthy eating is a lifelong process of nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits. It is not about depriving ourselves completely of foods that we enjoy, because even when […]

By: Jim Rollince of Gym Source, a vendor of home gym and fitness equipment, including treadmills, bikes, arc trainers, ellipticals and more! The Journal of the American College of Cardiology has done it again. In a recently conducted study, they found that spending too much leisure time in front of a television can and will […]

By Melonie Dodaro Why do so many people find true abundance elusive? Most of them are missing the key ingredient: complete and utter confidence in themselves, which is inseparable from complete confidence in their physical self: their body. Of course, getting that total body confidence can be a tall order, especially if you have a […]

Guest blog post for BecomeNatural.com The New Year is upon us, and it’s time to live up to those New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to get in shape and eat healthier. However, it can seem like an overwhelming task—how do you undo all of your bad habits and get to […]

A new year has begun and with resolutions in high gear, many people are looking to improve their overall health. Of all the recommended strategies for fighting disease and promoting vitality, few are as critical and profound as the practice of healthy eating. In general, it is best to follow a whole foods diet that […]

We all know the old adage of the frog that is placed in the pot of cold water. The water heats so slowly that the frog merrily goes about its froggy business never realizing its fate until it’s too late to jump out. The point is we allow ourselves to adapt to unrelenting “stress” in […]

Following an organic, whole foods-based diet that contains a variety of fresh vegetables is essential for maintaining optimal health. Vegetables have significant phytochemical (plant nutrient and antioxidant) profiles and are many are rich in fiber, which contribute to gastrointestinal health as well as the detoxification of toxins and heavy metals. While it is important to […]

Maintaining proper blood circulation is vital for your overall health, as healthy blood flow helps transport nutrients and oxygen to your organs and removes wastes. The process also aids in the healing of wounds and reduces the risk of infection. While the state of your circulation and health of your arteries are indicative of your […]

Junk food that everyone has a craze upon is now running trendy with various new flavors and taste. Flavor stimulators are in exceeding with sugar, salt, fat contents, preservatives and other taste triggering ingredients that bring in a delightful treat. Replacing the junk food is a must with natural nutrient stuffs such as nuts, fruits, […]