March 2011

Cardiovascular disease is a growing epidemic in this country. Estimated costs of treating heart disease in the United States will increase by approximately 545 billion dollars over the next two decades. Large pharmaceutical companies continue to push dangerous and minimally-effective statin drugs – a class of drug used to lower cholesterol levels – on the […]

Accurate breast imaging technologies have been a hot political issue in the world of medicine for the last decade. With the re-evaluation of the effectiveness of mammograms by the American Cancer Society in 2009, experts have begun to debate whether mammography is indeed a flawed technology, providing less than accurate diagnostic information in many cases. […]

The nuclear crisis in Japan may be slowly improving, but we are not completely out of the clear when it comes to radiation exposure. Despite assurances by the U.S. government that there is no real risk of radiation exposure here in North America, fears are continuing to rise over the potential clouds of radioactive fallout […]

What is Integrative Medicine and how does it compare to Biomedicine? Integrative Medicine and Biomedicine are both relatively new terms within the field of health and healing; however, Biomedicine appears to be a more recently evolved term, used loosely to describe medical doctors who take nutritional and even naturopathic approaches to treating patients. Integrative Medicine […]

Spring is here! Now is the perfect time to start harnessing this new energy to prepare our minds, bodies and our environments for this budding season. That’s right! I’m talking about our annual spring cleanse. Spring is a transitional season, carrying nature from the inert, conservative state of winter into the high activity of summer. […]

Energy Medicine is a term used to describe a number of effective therapies that can address physical illness, emotional distress and mental imbalance, promoting overall health, vitality and well being. Energy medicine works to restore health by activating and enhancing the body’s natural healing energies that may have been thrown out of balance due to […]

As the nuclear crisis escalates in Japan, people across the world but particularly in the US are asking what they can do to protect themselves from exposure to nuclear radiation fallout. Self-medicating with ongoing high doses of potassium iodine is strongly discouraged because of the negative health effects that large doses of this supplement can […]

When it comes to daily vitamin requirements, there are a number of essential vitamins that are recommended for optimum health. One of these is vitamin E, which is naturally present in some foods, added to other foods and is also available as a supplement. Complete vitamin E is comprised of a group of fat-soluble compounds […]

The heart is an important muscle, responsible for circulating blood that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. Since your body needs a constant supply of blood in order to function properly, it is critical to maintain optimal circulation through diet, exercise and supplementation. Poor circulation is the result of reduced blood flow and […]

People who find themselves with low energy levels throughout the day may want to consider improving their diets and adding supplements that can give a natural and sustained energy boost. There are many foods and herbal supplements that can help improve immune function, support circulation, boost vital energy, and increase overall health. A proper balance […]

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