One of the top searched keywords for our website is water air purifiers which we figured had to either be a mistake or just plain ol’ silly. Our thinking was that if you’re trying to purify the air, why would you need water? We were dead wrong! After searching the internet one day, we discovered a well-kept secret…Water air purifiers exist and they are very beneficial to all!

Did you know that water has always been nature’s primary source for purification? Well, it begs to be said that if nature uses it, maybe we should as well. Water air purifiers are valuable in so many ways and more cost effective for budget friendly families who can’t afford to keep paying for replacement air filters.

Part of the appeal comes in the multi-dimensional usability of these machines. Water air purifiers can serve many different purposes like humidifier, aromatherapy releaser, soothing water feature, night light and air purifier. Have you ever wished for a multi-purpose product like this during a child’s sickness? Setting up a sick child’s room can be a hassle not to mention increases the energy costs significantly. By the time you’re done setting up the humidifier, aromatic scent release for eucalyptus, air purifier and possibly a space heater, the room is a potential fire hazard! And in the most precious room of the house!

Another appeal is the reduction of a whole slew of things form the air. Allergens, dust, pollen, mold, you name it, and the purifier will reduce it. Typically the water purifier will suck in the air, bubble it through the water scrubbing it naturally (creating nice soothing background noise) and then release the cleaned air back into the room via a gentle mist. Then, once every other day or so, you just rinse out the dirty water full of allergens, dust and so on, and refill with nice clean water. You actually get to see the nasty stuff that has been purified pour down the drain! HEPA filters don’t show you the proof like these things do, plus this method seems so much more natural.

So, our conclusion is this, water air purifiers are not an oxymoron and are the real deal! They are beneficial in a variety of ways and now that we’ve discovered this phenomenon, we will offer them on our website to the rest of the world. Check out to find out more!

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