April 2011

Spring is here, and along with all the natural beauty of this season comes another common component: spring allergies. One of our readers asked a question about the development of allergies during menopause, any time of year. This is a complex area with many possible connecting threads. Menopause is a time when the ovaries are […]

Herbal ingredients and natural nutrients are often capable of supporting different functions within the body, and current research is showing that a certain kind of honey may be useful in fighting drug-resistant germs. Honey has been used for thousands of years, but its medicinal popularity fell when antibiotics became the go-to treatment. Raw, natural honey […]

Vitamin K is one of those vitamins that you do not seem to hear a lot about in the media or in the doctor’s office. So what is vitamin K and why should you care about it? Vitamin K is an important nutrient for heart and bone health. There are two natural forms utilized by […]

There has been recent research exposing the harm of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup in our daily diets. While too much sugar can contribute to metabolic syndrome, it appears now that not all sugar is created equal. In fact, fructose is much more harmful than previously thought. The three natural, common types of sugar in […]

To successfully treat breast cancer therapies must be designed individually and strategically in order to outsmart the disease and restore a patient’s health. The problem is that many treatments are so invasive and aggressive that they can destroy the health of the patient along with the disease. However, new developments in breast cancer treatment are […]

In recent months, the issue of “breast density” has received more widespread publicity. This bit of information has been contained all along in your mammogram report, but no one was talking about it and how important this piece of information is in determining the accuracy of a mammogram. Dense breast tissue is comprised of less […]

Even though we are well into spring, some of us may still be experiencing the winter blues, while for others, fighting off depression remains an uphill battle. That’s why I was struck by a December 2009 preliminary study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which found that regular consumption of a popular tea may […]

According to the CDC, a coronary event occurs in the United States every 25 seconds. This sobering statistic is indicative of the unhealthy state of American hearts, both for men and women. Becoming aware of what you can do to maintain and promote a healthy cardiovascular system is the first step to proactively caring for […]