May 2011

In a new important research study out of the UK, scientists found that Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) of the correct molecular weight interrupts deadly kidney fibrosis by binding to and blocking galectin-3 molecules. By disabling the galectin-3 molecules, MCP decreased the effects of inflammation and fibrosis in a kidney injury model. New uses for MCP? […]

If spending even a half-hour at the gym after a long day just sounds too unbearable, you may be in luck. Exercising may not be the golden ticket to staying slim after all. We all know that one person who just never seems to gain much weight, regardless of what they eat or physical activity. […]

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that relies upon the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) concept of energy meridians in the body, and is the practice of applying pressure to specific points of the body along these meridians. Acupressure achieves the same goal as acupuncture, which is to open up blocked or compromised energy pathways within […]

Spring is finally here, and along with the gorgeous weather comes pollen. Many allergy sufferers know all too well the symptoms of hay fever, caused by pollen released from budding trees and plants. The airborne pollen is easily inhaled through the nose and mouth, and for sensitive people, it can cause a series of miserable […]

Modern medicine has always derived the raw materials for pharmaceutical drugs from nature, as nature provides delicate yet powerful ingredients for balance and wellness. Time and time again, be it academic researchers and scientists, or herbalists and medicine men, people discover a simple yet complex compound, found in something so common as a flower or […]

Pomegranates are an ancient Mediterranean fruit which have recently been recognized as one of the many “new” super foods offering a myriad of health benefits. Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, which are natural compounds that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The concentrated antioxidants found in this amazing red fruit can actually promote […]

What you eat can drastically affect how you sleep, so in order to get a good night’s rest, it is essential to choose foods that calm your mind and body rather than those that stimulate you. Certain types of foods will naturally promote rest and relaxation, particularly those that contain tryptophan – the amino acid […]

It is common knowledge that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables contain certain nutrients that promote good health — namely antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. However, once these compounds enter the body and become digested, do they still possess the same healthful qualities? Do they still perform the desired […]

Many health and beauty products boast using antioxidants to fight free radicals. But just what are free radicals and why are antioxidants so important for maintaining your health? Free radicals are unstable molecules that occur in the body from normal body processes as well as from exposure to toxins. Antioxidants are substances that lessen or […]

There are dozens of heavy metals that are common in our environment and diet, including mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and others. Significant exposure can cause acute or chronic toxicity and can lead to numerous serious health problems such as cognitive and central nervous dysfunction, energy deficiency, and damage to vital organs. Over time, exposure can […]