Pilates can help you lose weight by toning your body and conditioning your muscles. It might not be recommended for large people but if you need to lose 5-20 lbs of weight, it might be a great alternative to regular conditioning classes at the fitness club.

There are two ways of performing pilates. You can do it on a mat on the floor or you can use the reformer machine. Both techniques requires trained pilates instructor to teach you individually or to lead the group in mat pilates.

This type of pilates exercise is excellent for elderly as well improving balance and flexibility and also great if you have arthritis or any other joint immobility problems.

Pilates will give you longer muscles and is not for anybody who is trying to build size or increase muscle mass in any larger volume. Pilates is performed in hour-long sessions and usually in special studios equipped especially for this. Although some fitness centers offer pilates on their aerobic and group exercise schedules this is usually the mat version unless the health club has a separate room set up for individual pilates sessions with an instructor.

Pilates is a safe and purposeful exercise designed to improve you strenght, flexibility, balance and coordination. If you have never tried Pilates, perhaps with just a few minutes each week, you too might find a new exercise that will benefit your for years to come.

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