We know that radiations of Gamma rays and X rays, if they are bombed at a high power, do have an important influence on human body. Solar light and ultra violet rays do not only cause sunburn, they can induce skin cancer and skin ageing, which is a source of anxiety, especially for women. Among the long waves, electromagnetic waves of microwave type have a powerful energy and have a heating effect (electronic stoves also use the heat emitted by microwaves): until now, this is the only danger to have been recognized. Recently, scientists have understood that extremely weak magnetic waves might induce much serious problems than microwaves.

Extremely weak magnetic waves do not emit heat (which is called the non-heating effect), but they create a magnetic environment. In this electromagnetic field, the electric field that is directed toward the body is not a cause of problem, the magnetic field that surrounds the body has a noxious influence at the cellular level. According to the most recent researches made in Europe and America, “extremely weak electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones, personal computers and other electric devices are a danger because they weaken the immune system, and cause damages to the cells and the brain.”

The extremely weak magnetic field has an influence on the magnetism of the human body. At the cellular level, calcium and ions contained in the proteins (albumin) suffer disorders that are cause of general troubles. On the other side, the rhythm of the brain is altered, which is cause of unease and depression. Immune globulin is weakened, and so the whole of the immune system. Moreover, melatonin produced by the brain, and that protects against the cancer, diminishes.-

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