October 2011

As an integrative physician, some of the most important recommendations I make for my patients are centered around healthy eating habits. But what about healthy cooking? The right cooking techniques which increase nutrient availability are certainly an important part of a healthy diet, but many people don’t consider the fact that some cooking methods also […]

Do positive affirmations and positive thoughts really work? Does thinking positively about yourself, your external environment and your reality actually produce positive effects and create noticeable change? Can you cure yourself of disease simply by affirming yourself to be healthy and whole? Having a positive outlook can alter your perception of reality which can be […]

As winter sets in, most of us are probably not as active as we usually are during warmer months. Winter is a time of stillness, reflection and rest. However, we still need to exercise, even if it’s at a slower pace. Walking offers us a chance to move our bodies, keeping our systems running smoothly […]

Several risk factors indicate prediabetes, also known as metabolic syndrome. All of these factors pave the way toward insulin and metabolic problems if you do not make the proper lifestyle changes necessary to control them. Of these changes, dietary awareness is one of the most fundamental. If you are fighting prediabetes, be judicious when planning […]

Perhaps the most effective method of diabetes and pre-diabetes (Metabolic Syndrome) prevention is a healthy, low-glycemic index diet combined with regular exercise, stress relief and supplementation with a variety of natural compounds. These supplements are aimed at balancing blood sugar, increasing your cell’s insulin uptake and reducing inflammation, which can contribute to a cluster of […]

When it comes to integrative cancer treatment, I always emphasize the importance of “patient-driven medicine.” Patient-driven medicine is what true integrative medicine is about. It embraces the principle of equality between patient and doctor, and each treatment program is tailored to the patient’s individual needs, desires and comfort level, with a focus on non-biased and […]

Menopause is recognized around the world in October with World Menopause Day. Menopause affects women from all around the globe – it may be different for each one but it will definitely have some kind of an effect on them. The key is to minimize the negative effects so that this will be a time […]

A new study just published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine claims that taking supplements, including multivitamins, poses an increased risk in mortality, particularly for women. The authors draw the sweeping conclusion that the widespread use of dietary supplements is unjustified and “causes more harm than good.” This is clearly a political […]

Hershey customers aim to “scare” the company into using fair trade cocoa by Halloween HERSHEY, PA///October 25, 2011/// – Hershey customers and ethical cocoa advocates delivered more than 100,000 petition signatures to Hershey’s corporate headquarters today calling on the company to commit to buying ethically produced cocoa. This delivery comes on the heels of three […]

By Sarah Stone We’re well into October, which means that a gaggle of witches, ghosts, vampires, and more are about to descend on neighborhoods around the country. For kids, Halloween is a dream come true: the chance to dress up, stay out late, and—best of all—fill their bellies with candy. For parents, though, Halloween can […]

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