Argentine scientific advancement to preserve food with nutrients

This innovation developed by Dr. Argentine Jorge Yanovsky, sanitarian renowned physician and president of the Argentine Forum on Biotechnology, is the creation of low-cost technology that allows the drying of food, whether meat, fruits or vegetables.

This is a method known as freeze drying, which expels water from the food without this loses some of its nutrients and making it easier storage.

In fact, a plate of food might be ready to be eaten with just a few minutes of cooking, which could be a revolution in the concept of healthy food as it does not need to invest a lot of time preparing a balanced and tasty menu at a time.

During his presentation at the Argentine Congress of Nutrition held in 2009, Yanovky spoke to reporters and told some of the background of this process, going back to the Inca culture.

“The Incas, taking advantage of low temperature and humidity levels at certain times of the year, developed a method for drying the potato when frozen, so the water will not miss the potato volume, leaving it porous. This is called ‘Chun’, continues to occur in the Andean region and is the first demonstration in human history that it is possible to dry, cold food, “he said at the time.

Currently, Yanovsky is working, among other programs, with a social work of public employees in the Chaco advising healthy foods, while the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) is working to expand its freeze-drying technique.

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