February 2012

The features that should have these hotels are: Respect the environment in which it is located. This means the hotels are right on the beach or in a protected location may not be considered organic. Food should be organic: organic fruit and vegetables, seasonal. It is also important to respect the traditions and local culture, […]

Sea level worldwide has risen worldwide because of melting icecaps. Together with the University of Colorado Boulder, the researchers measured the global ice loss between 2003 and 2010 instruments GRACE space mission conducted by NASA and the German Aerospace Center, and mainly studied glaciers and ice caps outside Greenland and Antarctica. According to data collected, […]

Weight gain after quitting smoking is surrounded by many myths. The truth is that not all who quit gain weight, it all depends on how you control anxiety and then that takes diet. Can reach about 2 kilos up when leaving the service, but if once you leave the cigarette makers healthy eating habits and […]

We often wonder how many nutrients are what we need every day. On this day we ask ourselves what is the need for one of the better known vitamins, vitamin C. We have always thought that the orange is one of the foods that have vitamins, but this is not entirely true as there are […]

Prostate cancer remains a leading cause of cancer-related death for men in developed countries. One in six men will fight prostate cancer in their lifetime, and in many cases this disease is aggressive and difficult to treat using conventional therapies alone.

Some people may think that not take breakfast does not affect them nothing and that it can be replaced with a snack, however this is because very wrong thinking that everytime it denies itself breakfast your body must accommodate fast. To not drink adequate food to start our day, our agency is making recourse to […]

Usually begins innocently as a desire to overcome disease, lose weight, or improve health, but it mainly affects people with low self-esteem, psicorigidos, perfectionists and lovers of the subsistence. Orthorexia is a disease associated with an obsession with eating healthy together with bulimia and anorexia can lead to death. This situation occurs in those people […]

Signs and symptoms may include:   Spend many hours thinking about healthy diet. Show a clear obsession by what you eat. More concerned about the quality of food than the pleasure of consuming them. The quality of the food exceeds the pleasure which feels to eat them. Decline in their quality of life as increases […]

The sexsomnia is a sleep disorder that affects men and women between 40 and 45 years, but is more common in men. This is the performance of sexual acts during sleep without being aware of it. For example, masturbation, intercourse, and in some cases sexual violence. This rare condition usually occur during REM sleep, where […]

By: Shay Dawkins So many people go searching for their true love in nightclubs, singles clubs, through online dating sites and among friends of friends. The truth is, finding true love starts right in your own home – or, more accurately, in your own heart. Before you can find true love in a relationship, you […]

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