Sea level worldwide has risen worldwide because of melting icecaps.

Together with the University of Colorado Boulder, the researchers measured the global ice loss between 2003 and 2010 instruments GRACE space mission conducted by NASA and the German Aerospace Center, and mainly studied glaciers and ice caps outside Greenland and Antarctica.

According to data collected, about 4.3 billion tons of ice mass lost during the 7 years that is focused study. This translates to an increase of 12 millimeters at sea level worldwide.

It may seem little but the reality is that the land loses an incredible amount of ice each year and the situation only getting worse. According to researchers, this study will help better understand how to react to the colder regions of the planet to global change.

The strength of the study lies with GRACE, “Experiment of gravity recovery and climate”, as it allows to observe the entire mass of the system, thanks to which we now know that 25% of the annual loss of ice, about 148,000 million tons , came from glaciers and ice sheets in Greenland or not located in Antarctica and mountain ranges of Asia, as Pamir and Himalaya have only lost 4,000 million tons of ice per year.

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