April 2012

By Jesse Cannone You’ve tried everything to get rid of your neck pain: physical therapy, cortisone shots, prescription pain pills — you name it, you’ve done it. So why does your neck still feel like it’s stuck in a vise that’s being turned tighter and tighter? Notice that all of the tactics you’ve tried focus […]

Every person has the right look and feel good. In fact, beauty is a characteristic desired by everybody most particularly women. This is the very reason why every woman tries to make all the efforts they can exert to look beautiful and be seen at their best. And now, here are some quick and easy […]

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world and all of them contains antioxidants which help to fight cancer. Blue tea Zippy the hated destroyer of free radicals associated with the development of many types of cancer and of cellular aging. It strengthens our immune system. Reduces cholesterol levels and is situated at the head of the tea fat burner. Reduce Blood Pressure. Balm for your skin.  Yellows […]

White tea White tea is the most antioxidant of all existing varieties of tea. White tea is good for losing weight. White tea for skin can be very beneficial. Is that its consumption would help to elastinand collagen, two major structural proteins for the skin. White tea contains less caffeine than other teas, because, being younger, has not suffered widespread oxidation.   Red tea Increases caloric expenditure by increasing the body’s metabolism, thus, burn calories faster. It is an excellent detoxifying the liver, which helps eliminate toxins and waste from the […]

A non-toxic botanical formula controls aggressive human prostate tumors in mice, according to a peer-reviewed study in The International Journal of Oncology.

Gum Helps remove food debris and stimulates saliva production, which increases the neutralization of acids and replenishes minerals lost enamel. Of course, it is without sugar. Crunchy vegetables Carrots, celery and radishes. The crunchy vegetables help remove the teeth sticky parts of other foods that cause staining of teeth. Apple They are excellent for cleaning […]

Routines for sleeping and rising. Sleeping 6 to 8 hours starting between 8 and 12 pm. The type of food you eat is important for sleep. Abundant dinners can disrupt sleep then not to eat 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Take a relaxing cup of tea or tea-leaf lettuce. Lettuce contains tryptophan and helps […]

We have found the best ways to clear a chronic stuffy nose are all natural! One method of removing ultra-fine nasal debris is to use a neti pot which we recommend to help your body begin to fight sinus congestion naturally. The second method we highly recommend is to start removing the airborne debris before […]

My own two-year meditation sabbatical has been profound for me, and it is my deepest desire to share what I have learned during my upcoming meditation and healing retreat, this April 2012. This retreat will offer a rare, in-depth opportunity to learn and experience my techniques for deepening the mind-body connection and facilitating long-lasting regeneration and healing.

Obesity has become such an epidemic in the United States, the FDA is considering approving a new prescription weight-loss drug – despite safety concerns about it. It seems the health effects of being overweight override officials’ concerns about Qnexa, a drug the FDA rejected two years ago. That shocks weight-loss expert Don Ochs, who says […]