Galectin-3 may sound like the name of a planet out of “Star Trek,” but in truth, this biological protein can be much more ominous. I shed light on the subject of Galectin-3 and its role as a chronic disease culprit, in a recent lecture presented at the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) 2012 Convention & Exposition. In this presentation, I shared breakthrough research demonstrating that the protein Galectin-3 is an active biomarker, and therapeutic target, for numerous life-threatening diseases. I also revealed how Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) derived from citrus fruit peels, has the unique ability to bind and block Galectin-3 throughout the body – just one of MCP’s many essential health benefits.

This extensive body of research was presented to hundreds of naturopathic oncologists at the annual conference, and received excellent feedback from attendees.  OncANP is one of the largest naturopathic oncology organizations, providing advanced training in naturopathic oncology to improve quality of care and patient outcome. It was truly rewarding to share cutting-edge information demonstrating Galectin-3 as a breakthrough biomarker, and highlighting Modified Citrus Pectin’s ability to promote health and prevent disease from multiple angles.

Galectin-3: The Rogue Molecule
Galectin-3 is a protein produced naturally by our bodies, but elevated levels can lead to chronic inflammation, fibrosis, heart disease, metastatic cancer and organ failure. By binding and blocking excess Galectin-3, Modified Citrus Pectin prevents this rogue molecule from wreaking havoc throughout the body.

In 2011, the FDA approved a simple blood test that measures circulating Galectin-3 levels. This test is approved by most health insurances as a tool for evaluating risks and prognosis of progressive heart failure. The test can also be used by doctors to determine Galectin-3 induced risk to the liver, lungs, brain, kidneys, and other organs, as well as risks of cancer progression and metastasis.

Versatile Health Benefits of MCP
MCP has been extensively researched and proven to reduce cancer proliferation and metastasis, predominantly through its unique ability to enter the circulation and bind to Galectin-3 receptors on the surface of cancer cells.

Recent studies also demonstrate that Modified Citrus Pectin significantly enhances immune function, and reduces Galectin-3 expression and disease severity in fibrosis-induced kidney injury. Furthermore, MCP is proven through multiple clinical studies to remove lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium from the body without reducing essential minerals.

I also shared new research showing that MCP, when combined with two of my advanced poly-botanical formulas, works synergistically to inhibit aggressive breast and prostate cancer cells. This study was presented at the last Experimental Biology meeting and is currently in press for publication. Researchers found that MCP, in combination with either the breast or prostate formula, further inhibits the metastatic processes of adhesion and migration of breast and prostate cancer cells.

These new discoveries demonstrate that Modified Citrus Pectin can potentially help address many serious health conditions which currently have limited treatment options.

Honokiol for Cancer and Anti-Anxiety Support
I concluded my presentation at OncANP by sharing research on the powerful and versatile botanical compound, Honokiol. Extensive data demonstrates that Honokiol provides numerous health benefits as an anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety and neuro-protective agent. Honokiol is a powerful active compound derived from the Traditional Chinese botanical, Magnolia officinalis bark. Honokiol is safe to use with conventional cancer therapies, and has also been shown to work synergistically with Modified Citrus Pectin to increase anti-cancer support. For more information and published research on Modified Citrus Pectin and my unique poly-botanical formulas, visit

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