They needs warmth and regular watering and it can be tricky to grow in colder areas but will flourish in a pot in a sunny spot ( you can raise six or more plants in a small pot).

Basil in pots should be watered from the bottom – sit the container in a deep dish to create a shallow water bath.

You may find the plants become infested with whitefly or aphids and check them regularly. If the infestation isn’t too advanced you may be able to wash off the pests. Some gardeners recommend spraying with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water


Is used in large quantities and it needs plenty of feeding and regular watering to produce lush green leaves. If it gets too dry it’ll go to seed.

You can raise parsley from seed although germination takes a long time, more than a month – and can be patchy. If you’re buying seedlings look for small plants in individual cells. This will mean the roots are disturbed as little as possible when you plant them out.

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