June 2012

Addiction Specialist/Mental Health Counselor Opens Up Social media sites like Facebook connect users with old friends, new acquaintances and everyone in between. However, studies are revealing an inverse link with online connections and deeper, face-to-face relationships. Norwegian researchers recently developed a test for networking sites, called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, which likens inordinate amounts […]

  Memories aren’t all just in the corners of your mind, believe it or not. While you may find them dormant, some memories are very active and run almost on auto-pilot, unbeknownst to you. While some of your actions and activities require a more lucid thought process, there are many things you do as routine […]

Shopping and the internet go hand in hand and it would seem it is a match made in heaven. Women everywhere are using the internet to shop for everything, not just the necessities. Specifically they are enjoying getting clothes and beauty items at much cheaper prices with convenience that they really appreciate. Everyone has a computer […]

Dr. Edward Lamadrid Offers Holistic Tips for Reducing Stress Every person experiences stress at one time or another as it is a natural human reaction to certain situations. However during traumatic and emotionally tolling events such as divorce, stress can become consuming and have a largely negative impact on human health. To help reduce stress […]