Memories aren’t all just in the corners of your mind, believe it or not. While you may find them dormant, some memories are very active and run almost on auto-pilot, unbeknownst to you. While some of your actions and activities require a more lucid thought process, there are many things you do as routine that require a healthy, functioning memory. It is not unusual for people to realize memory lapses in their day to day lives. Think of the memory as just another muscle that you need to exercise. If you don’t stimulate your brain and stimulate your skills of retention and recall, you will suffer losses. Don’t go into a panic however if you can’t remember your pin or something – most of the time, lapses in memory and concentration are benign in nature and with a few easy tips and tricks you can refine your think tank.

One of the most popular routes people take to stay on top of their memory function is via the help of supplements. Ginko Biloba has long been heralded for its contributions to boosting memory power and concentration abilities. This herbal supplement in tandem with other vitamins and minerals are a good step in the right direction to helping your memory memorize. Sites like offer excellent, quality supplements that you can try to help boost your memory. Beyond the realm of supplements however, there are many things you can do to help.

Use the following tips to help power up your memory and make it marvelous!

  1. Look for patterns or create them for yourself: A really nifty way to remember large number of phrases is to look for patterns in their formation. Are the numbers sequential in some way? If so, you can remember them by following the pattern. If they aren’t, you can create a pattern by remembering them to a song. Use the happy birthday song, the national anthem or just your favorite ditty to sing the numbers to. When the time comes, you’ve affixed something you have problems remembering to something you already know by heart. Don’t be afraid to get creative, the song trick is fun and no one has to know you’re doing it!


  1. Make numeric associations whenever you can: If you have to remember a large series of numbers tap in to things you already remember or know by creating an association. Using things like the number of kids you have, your birthday, your first address, how many pets you’ve had – these are easy recollections that you can draw from to make remembering larger numbers a lot easier.


  1. Put things into categories: Instead of just going to the grocery store with a loose mental list of specific items, put the items into categories – very much in the same way that the grocery store itself operates. Lists in general are a great way of jogging your memory and helping your brain recall. Try making your lists into categories that are repetitive and then break them up and switch them around.



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