May 2013

By Crystal   One of the most dreaded types of skin cancer is melanoma. It is a condition wherein the melanocytes, or the skin cells that makes melanin which is responsible for skin color, grows abnormally and becomes cancerous because of too much exposure in ultraviolet lights such as sun, tanning booths and sunlamps.   […]

Adulthood is the stage when you finally have to make your own move in order to get the ideal weight and body figure that you always wanted. When you finally start your adult years, you will see yourself looking for the best ways to maintain your health. Fats and excess calories are few of the […]

Top Five Ways To Get in Great Shape   Staying fit is a major concern of so many people today. If you are worried about either getting in shape or staying in shape, you have probably tried just about everything in order to do so. Unfortunately, there are so many scams out there and so […]

By Sonia Devine. Losing weight is more than just having a nice figure; in fact there are lasting health benefits to maintaining a healthy body weight. There have been a variety of studies which all prove that those who carry extra weight in the form of obesity live around ten years less than those who […]

When talking about green food, you may think that it is only related to the vegetables and plants that can regenerate when some parts are taken from them. In this article, you will find an explanation why stone crab claws are considered as green food.   First, you should know that stone crab claws belong […]

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Estrogen is for females as testosterone is for males. Responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics, testosteroneis the main anabolic and sexual hormone that is responsible for sexual desire and function, densification of bones and muscular hypertrophy and aids in protein synthesis. In other words, testosterone defines a man’s “masculinity” as shown in […]

Since the Internet has such a wealth of information, these days it seems like we can do almost anything ourselves. From home repairs to remedies for colds and insect bites: with a little bit of research, we can become more self-sufficient with a few clicks of the mouse. The same goes for home renovation projects. […]

by Kim MacKenzie, and on Twitter @BodyArcher So what’s the best way to stay hydrated…DRINK MORE WATER. Duh! But how? Here are some simple steps for you to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of water your body needs throughout the day. Keep a Gallon of Water or a 1.5 Liter Bottle on Your Desk: […]