June 2013

Proper uniform is very important when you are working especially in the medical industry. Though you need to abide by the rules of the facility or establishment, you don’t have to lose your distinct personality, and this is possible through custom medical scrubs.   To build professionalism and character, you need to invest on custom […]

Background   Testosterone is a steroid hormone that belongs to the family of the androgen group and is normally found in mammals, reptiles, birds and other types of vertebrates. For mammals, testosterone is mainly released in the testicles of men and ovaries of women, but only a small amount are released from the adrenal glands. […]

Due to the ease with which alcohol can be obtained it is not uncommon for a person to struggle with controlling the amount of alcohol they intake on a daily basis. Falling into a cycle of daily drinking can quickly begin to have serious negative effects on the human body and the sooner a person […]

Based from facts and researches conducted by health experts, we all know that cranberry considered to be one of the super food that anyone can enjoy eating at any time of the day. Fiber and Vitamin C are most abundant to it, and also cranberries are also known for its fighting oxidants with regards to […]

Springtime is when outdoor allergy symptoms most oftentimes hit the hardest. Pollen and mold are most prevalent in the Spring when rain and humidity precede warm weather. As 55% of the U.S. population has been found to test positive to one or more allergens, this can put strain and misery on quite a large number […]

Often people strive to have a healthy lifestyle alongside their everyday routine however it can be difficult to balance exercise and healthy eating around family life and working hours. This can mean attempting to take shortcuts when it comes to ensuring you get enough vitamins and protein for your body – buying pre-made food to save time and still […]

With the different food that are available in the market, choosing the right one that you should eat is one thing that has to be considered. Aside from medifast recipes, there are other types of diets that can be very healthy for you.   Health is wealth; this is a statement that you will always […]