The sweltering summer is taking rounds and while I’m sure you all are hoping for a mild weather in order to cut down on your rising energy bills. We understand that sipping chilled drinks and taking a deep dive in the pool is not the only resort to beat the heat. We need to switch to the technology to enjoy the chills blown by the maximum power using electronic monster called air conditioner. On the contrary, the areas which are affected by the bone cracking winters switches to another energy gulping devil that is heating appliances. However, it is always a great idea to bank money any possible way you can. So, even if your power bills are not skyrocketing, one should always follow few ideas and techniques to make your home more energy efficient.

Below mentioned are six essential ways to cut down your rising bills significantly:

1)Effectively adjust the thermostat of your appliance

Air conditioning and heating systems costs a fortune, and if it is running around the clock you can definitely expect a huge bill. In order to cut down on your rising expense, gradually decrease the temperature of your heating appliance at least by 3 degree and on the other hand, raising the degrees of your air conditioner will also help you to manage the heart throbbing electric bills during the summer.

2) Go for an home energy audit

Various power companies can visit your home and execute a home energy audit for free. Providers have to lend energy from the other companies at the time of peak usages in a manner to meet the demands which also costs them a lot. Therefore, they too posses the similar motivation of saving power as you do. This process of audit takes about an hour and they will assist you with the beneficial tips and various advices to save electricity significantly.

3. Turn on the ceiling fans

Prefer using ceiling fans than of other higher power consuming appliances such as air conditioners and heating systems. And in the winter season you can fire woods for a warm and cozy ambience rather than switching to a heater.

4. Adjust your habits

One should always control their household duties such as washer, dryer, dishwasher that can seriously run up your power bill significantly during each usage. Prefer doing these chores during the early morning or late evenings to reduce the effects on your energy bills.

5. Open and close doors and windows

Open the doors and windows of your house early morning for the proper ventilation and don’t close it until the outside temperature rises and reaches the level of thermostat. This exercise will help to improve your house ventilation and also saves you from spending extra bucks on your electricity bill.

6.  Switch Providers

If the electricity industry has been deregulated in your country then you have various options of where to acquire your electricity. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the competition. Preview your bill and figure out what you are actually paying per kilowatt-hour and see if you can spot a better rate.


You don’t really need to make massive sacrifice to save money from spending huge amounts on the electricity bill. Cutting your power spending only needs a little change in habits. By putting these above mentioned ideas together, you will see your power bills taking a small chunk out of your checking account.

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